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CryoBioPhysica brings you the world’s newest, most advanced, powerful and thrifty ion exchange chromatography, offering pISep buffers & pISep software for separation of proteins by anion, cation, combined ion exchange and reversed phase chromatography applying user controlled external pH gradients.

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You may use your existing ion exchange columns, FPLC or HPLC with pISep chromatography, the world’s newest, most advanced, powerful and thrifty ion exchange chromatofocusing graphy that provides the best alternative to protein fractionation by chromatofocusing.

Use pISep for purification of your natural or transformationally expressed proteins. It is far superior to salt elution anion and cation exchange chromatography, has the powerful focusing capability of external pH gradient elution and does not require desalting of the collected fractions.

Use pISep to detect degradation, deamidation, cleavage, misfolding or for the fractionation of digested and heterogeneous fractions of proteins, antibodies, glycoproteins, polysaccharides and other charged biological molecules

Use pISep power to check the quality of and to polish your purified proteins. It is like conducting isoelectric focusing on an ion exchange chromatographic column, but even better.

Use pISep buffers’ limitless ability to form linear and nonlinear pH gradients in the presence of urea 0 to 8 M and NaCl 0 to 1 M to fractionate proteins trapped in inclusion bodies, membrane, hydrophobic and other proteins with low solubility.

Graph Take complete control over optimization of the separation process with our exclusive “pISep pH Gradient Maker” software. pISep software makes it fast and easy to calculate the chromatographic parameters necessary to develop complex pH gradients containing multiple linear segments of user-defined length and slope, as well as nonlinear concave and convex pH gradients. pISep software makes it as simple to form ascending and descending pH gradients as it is to form salt or acetonitrile gradients, gradients can be developed over very narrow pH ranges or over a pH range as wide as 8.4 pH units from pH 2.4 to pH 10.8. New software has now been developed that makes it is possible to calculate the formation of pH gradients in the presence of salt up to 1 M, urea up to 8M or other nonionic detergents upon costumer request for protein purification.
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